What is KnobbyKnife?

Knobby Kinfe is a powerful, 100-watt heating tool that maintains over 500 degrees heat while cutting rubber. With its patent pending blade made of high quality tool steel you will be able to quickly and easily sharpen the knobbies of your worn dirt bike tires saving you time and money as you won’t be replacing your tires nearly as often.

Why KnobbyKnife?

  • KnobbyKnife regains lost gripping performance on used dirt bike tires.
  • KnobbyKnife sharpens knobbies quickly and easily.
  • KnobbyKnife has an oversized handle that insulates heat and gives more hand-gripping leverage.
  • KnobbyKnife gives riders on a budget a new-like tire every time they ride.
  • KnobbyKnife gives 3 to 5 times more life to your tire.
  • KnobbyKnife saves money by not buying new tires as often. » KnobbyKnife saves you time because you’re not replacing your tire as often.
  • KnobbyKnife works with any dirt bike tire..no matter the brand.
  • KnobbyKnife goes green – decreases items in landfills.
  • KnobbyKnife also cuts cab-truck tires.


  • What a great product! Easy to use, well built, and pays for itself immediately! Not to mention the time saved changing tires. I wish I had one of these years ago.

    M. B.Edmonton Alberta Canada
  • I received the KnobbyKnife a couple of days ago and it works great. The video tutorial did a great job of getting me started and like others have mentioned after learning the technique it only takes about 10 minutes a tire. Thanks for a great product.

  • Received the KnobbyKnife and “sharpened” my first tire. Went riding and can say that the fresh edge definitely makes an improvement in tire performance. Actually was quite easy to learn the cutting technique. Thanks, a great product.


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